Software developer since 1984:

I've been writing software for, oh, too long, initially for science and engineering applications, but recently all sorts of web applications.

I have worked for local government, large and small companies, and individuals.


Tech Toolbox:

Here is my humble collection of tips and tricks which may help someone get out of a sticky position. Some PHP, SQL, SEO and Access is mixed in there.


NZ Schools database:

The NZ Schools database used information from the Ministry of Education, and adds map displays.

Search by decile, category, location and type, and see a map of the results. This may help you house-hunting and allowing for travel to school. All my PHP.


Illustrations, covers, posters:

On and off over the years, I have been an illustrator and designer. Browse my work.

Also look at Artspiration for a range of decorative colourful abstract art.


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