This is a list of software projects, excluding those for my own web sites

Employment History

  • 2010-date freelance / contract Software Developer, Auckland, NZ
  • 2008-2010 Software Developer, Incentive Solutions Ltd, Auckland, NZ
  • 2007-2008 Director, Tarrandean Ltd, Devon, UK
  • 1995-2007 Technical Director - altcom Limited, Penzance, Cornwall, UK
  • 1995-2003 Reuters News, Devon, UK
  • 1988-1995 Software Developer, CSM Geothermal Energy project, Penryn, Cornwall, UK
  • 1984-1988 Software Developer, Software Sciences, Farnborough, Hants, UK
  • 1981-1984 Experimental Psychology, BA (Oxford, 1st) 

Other Projects

CategoryDescriptionBuzzwordsDateMore info
delphi2.gif Delphi Apps Decoding IP Addresses from Web Logs MS-Access 2007  
delphi2.gif Delphi Apps Converter of oil well data for TecPlot 3D display Delphi 2006  
access.gif Access Database Database to log track record of medical staff to provide quality monitoring for surgeons, anaesthetists and consultants. MS-Access 2004  
delphi2.gif Delphi Apps Radar and GIS rainfall data display for the UK Environment Agency. Rainfall accumulation statistics, helping early warning of flooding and storm hazards. 2001-2002  
delphi2.gif Delphi Apps Conversion of Hydrology modelling package from FORTRAN on a Micro-VAX VMS machine, into a PC-Based package with Delphi and NAG 1999-2000  
delphi2.gif Delphi Apps Package for tidal flood prediction, using a database of tidal measurements interacting with a spreadsheet with a range of predictive formulae. Dynamic links between Delphi and Excel. Delphi, NAG, Excel, VB 1999-2000  
access.gif Access Database Delphi app which uses OLE and looks through all the Excel timesheets it can find in a nominated folder. It finds task numbers and tots up the hours spent on a specific task Delphi, Excel 1999  
delphi2.gif Delphi Apps Bespoke webcrawler to fetch PDFs from the OJEU site, zipping the results and recovering from outages caused by firewall. Delphi 1998  
access.gif Access Database Database holding details of World Aid projects for the UK Department of Trade and Industry. MS-Access 1996  
access.gif Access Database Conversion of Trade Spreadsheet into Access database MS-Access 1996  
access.gif Access Database Topologika Sales and Contacts Database MS-Access 1995-2005  
misc.gif Other Software Translation software for live news feeds for Reuters. Automatic parsing of plain text, XML, Word and PDF, quality checking and routing to database. Workflow control, trouble-shooting. VMS, Pascal, Java, Antlr 1995-2003  
access.gif Access Database CITS Contacts Database MS-Access 1995  
access.gif Access Database Membership database, mailing and office management for a dating bureau. Custom enquiries and searches. MS-Access 1994  
misc.gif Other Software Modelling of potential windfarm development and resource in three regions of the UK. Custom app to join vector and raster map data on a common grid. C, FORTRAN 1994  
access.gif Access Database Maintenance of database for Delabole (Cornwall) windfarm turbine, engineering and environment data, graph reports. MS-Access 1993  
misc.gif Other Software Ray Tracing - graphical modelling of geophysics and engineering structures Rayshade, 3-D Graphics 1992-1994  
misc.gif Other Software FORTRAN Software course FORTRAN 1992  
misc.gif Other Software 3-D display package for geophysicists. FORTRAN, 3D 1989-1995  
misc.gif Other Software Flow forecasting system for Severn-Trent water company FORTRAN on VMS 1987  
misc.gif Other Software Water Resource management system for Wessex Water company Pascal on VMS 1986  
misc.gif Other Software Conversion of weather radar control and processing software for Met Office FORTRAN, Coral on PDP-RSX 1986  
misc.gif Other Software Weather Radar data collection, analysis and display for water companies. FORTRAN 1985  

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