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The World Aid database originally existed as a DOS system for public use in the foyer of the DTI offices at Victoria in London. It allowed visitors to look up development aid projects around the world from a database of over 18,000 records. I converted it to run in the Microsoft Access environment, bringing the advantages of a Windows interface.

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The projects held in the database are categorised and searchable by these key attributes:

  • country;
  • continental regions;
  • funding agencies, including the well-known ones, such as the EC, World Bank and UN;
  • task sectors (such as agriculture, education, telecomms).

Search page The software lets the user specify a combination of continental region, country, agency and sector, to identify projects. An example would be "all projects in Latin America and Caribbean, involving Education, and funded by the World Bank".

There is also a slightly more sophisticated search facility, which lets the users specify up to five countries, and/or three sectors. This suits any user who has in mind a more ad hoc grouping than that of geographical proximity - say, ex-British colonies, high-tech third world investors, or those with high military spending.

Users can print the results of any searches on a local printer.

Because the system is for "untrained" public use, all the forms in World Aid are supported by "tooltips" help, providing immediate hints about the controls and their uses when the cursor is left over a button or icon area. Remember this was "way back" about 1996 when such luxuries were not built-in to Access, so I had to roll-my-own.
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Date: 1996

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