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I was unable to create a new ArgoEclipse project to build some UML designs. The "Finish" button remained stubbornly disabled despite my best efforts. Only by chance I realised that you first need to create a regular (non-ArgoEclipse) project first. Nothing explains this while you struggle, naturally. Then your ArgoEclipse project is created "inside".

I had played a bit with ArgoEclipse to make my first UML diagrams. I clicked Save from time to time but only when it had crashed did I realise it wasn't saving at all. A couple of hours wasted work! So if you are a beginner, beware: Save a short bit, then close and re-open, to make sure your setup is just right.

Anyway, the real point of this page is - how do you create an ArgoEclipse Project?

ArgoEclipse New ProjectThe problem was, when I did File > New > ArgoEclipse Project, the dialog box refused to enable the Finish button, and there weren''t many things to play with:

Instead, do this:

  • Create a New project (not ArgoEclipse). I chose a type General Project but Java works just as well.
  • Then make sure your perspective is ArgoEclipse (the Perspective is a tiny choice up at the top right of the work bench)
  • Then you can do File > New > ArgoEclipse project. I chose "TomoDDFortranDocumentation"
  • You get a dialog box like this:
    ArgoEclipse New Project
  • Now you can choose the container project and your Argo project is somehow enclosed. Enter a File name in the box below, and you''re good to go.

I have never used an application where a project was contained inside another project. Seems a bit hokey to me.

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