Other Projects

CategoryDescriptionBuzzwordsDateMore info
php2.gif PHP Implement a paid-for digital download, via the LinkLokIPN PHP script PHP, LinkLokIPN 2015  
opencart.gif OpenCart Upgrade http://www.cruisingelectronics.com from OpenCart version 1.4 to v1.5. OpenCart 2014  
wordpress logo 32 blue2 WordPress A Wordpress site for Holistic Health services - massage, reflexology, yoga, meditation Wordpress 2014  
opencart.gif OpenCart OpenCart for Training site PHP, OpenCart, E-commerce 2012  
joomla.gif Joomla Fixes to a Joomla PHP Magazine Subscriptions Database PHP, Joomla 2011  
zf.gif Zend Framework Membership Database for an NZ Drinks company PHP, Zend Framework 2011  
php2.gif PHP Hearts Collective : Sundry small fixes including DPS Payment Express PHP, MySQL, DPS 2010-2012  
html.gif HTML Improve Google ranking for Draintech. (SEO - Search Engine Optimisation) SEO 2010  
php2.gif PHP Small website - Yoga teacher: North Shore Yogalates in Auckland, NZ. PHP, HTML, CSS, Xara drawing package, Picasa 2009  
php2.gif PHP Development and maintenance on PHP in Auckland for a loyalty company PHP, CSS, Googlemaps 2008-2010  
html.gif HTML Another client recommended me to ISIS (International Search Information Services). They work as intermediaries between UK and West Africa businesses. They negotiate deals, solve trade conflicts and provide market analysis in a tricky part of the world. HTML, CSS 2008  
php2.gif PHP Modify and install an open-source web calendar PHP 2008  
php2.gif PHP Designing test scripts for automation using Selenium IDE in Firefox. Ensuring re-useability of scripts for other CMS implementations. Selenium 2008  
php2.gif PHP Web development for a UK nature Data Project: a PHP import process for Microsoft Excel, Word, Access and text files; export of data in XML format. All structured with the Symfony framework. PHP, MySQL, Oracle, Symfony 2007  
drupal2.gif Drupal My first sizeable Drupal PHP module provides a venue to highlight suppliers of IT and digital media services. Write test scripts for the cousin site which publicised contract opportunities. Drupal, PHP 2007  
html.gif HTML Small website for alternative health treatments: Time For You Treatments in Devon. HTML, CSS, Googlemaps 2007  
php2.gif PHP Build a small website promoting Sports Techniques PHP, Flash 2007  
html.gif HTML Improve an illustrator's website for Search Engine visibility HTML, CSS, Google, SEO 2007  
html.gif HTML Site Optimisation for Google Visibility - Semore Seismics. Reached front page for several key search phrases. (www.seismics.net). HTML, CSS, Google, SEO 2007  
joomla.gif Joomla Web development of component for a site based on the Joomla PHP CMS - implementing the IPSV metadata coding system in PHP, using the Yahoo Javascript Tree Interface. PHP, CSS, MySQL, YUI, IPSV, Joomla 2006  
php2.gif PHP PHP Zend Certification PHP, Zend Certification 2005  
postnuke.gif Postnuke Web development and maintenance of three sites based on Postnuke PHP CMS - including customised code for contacts databases, newsletters, Google maps, mailing, RSS feeds, site validation and accessibility using Firefox add-ons and TAW. Emphasis on CSS and PHP, CSS, MySQL, Googlemaps, Bids, SEO, test QA 2003-2008  
html.gif HTML Small website for author and psychologist - Elizabeth Mapstone HTML, CSS, Xara drawing package 1998  

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