Hearts Collective Arts Site

Hearts Collective Arts Site

Bridget Hall was launching theĀ Hearts Collective web site, to provide a market place for environmentally sensitive artwork, such as artwork using recycled materials. She had got most of the site already in place using the unusual PHP framework called Website Baker, but needed some finishing fixes when she called me in for help.

There were a few new features to add, such as showing subcategories inside categories, and also hiding them if no items existed in the category (to avoid annoying dead-end pages), fix issues about re-listing expired products, automatic mailing, and a regular garbage-collection system (finding image files for lapsed products and moving them to a folder for deletion), and improve W3C HTML compliance. We also organised DPS (Payment Express) payments.

We also allowed people to list in a few currencies, not just NZ dollars. It gave me the chance to build a PHP SOAP request, collecting currency exchange rates several times a day from http://www.webservicex.net, so that we always offer the correct exchange equivalent and needing no manual update.

Hearts Collective launched in 2011 and aims to build a great portfolio of work as it gets discovered by "heartists".

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