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Incentive Solutions, in Auckland NZ, specialises in loyalty programmes: typical arranged by companies for incentivisation of staff, but occasionally facing consumers as well.

This was a varied role over 18 months, both front-end and back-end, all manner of PHP, MS-SQL and JavaScript. ISL has a comprehensive and sophisticated system helping to manage all aspects of the business, and I was helping the tech manager (David Higgs) on maintenance and improvements. Coping with tens of thousands of members requires a large range of features, and the main software architect (Hi Lance!) had done an extraordinary job covering so much territory. 

Among the tasks were:

  • Creation of various reports cutting and slicing data
  • SEO for their main online shop General Store which had an impressive build of daily visitors once we got all the key components in place. We tracked this with Google Analytics.
  • Google maps and Google Streetview: the operators would be able to enter a member address and automatically see the Street-View of that address. It helped confirm address accuracy which is a major issue when mailing thousands of items, and in fraud-detection.
  • A "dashboard" system providing an overview for a program (sales, hits, redemptions) on a month basis. The results were build by PHP into an Excel spreadsheet, and we also constructed graphs on-the-fly as PNG files using the clever Google Charts API.
  • Graphs of sales using AMCharts, which is an excellent Flash-based graph package. You can drive it from PHP by building XML on-the-fly. The variety, quality and cleverness of these graphs is truly remarkable.
    Sales Graph
  • In another case we built bar-charts in a very old-fashioned way, with divs of varying heights and judicious use of float:left.
  • Shopping cart
PHP, CSS, Googlemaps
Date: 2008-2010

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