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Generally in the software industry, experience speaks louder than letters after your name. (Cue howls of anguish from BCS members). My single software qualification is in PHP.

We can give credit to John Cowles, my friend at altcom Limited for recognising that we all ought to get official Zend certification. Zend is the official producer of PHP and runs well-priced training and certification schemes.

In preparation, as a bunch (John, Neil, Richard and I) attended a useful PHP course in the Digital Peninsula, Penzance. We had all written and fixed innumerable lines of PHP code but we still discovered useful extra snippets outside our comfort zone. Then we signed up to take the 90 minute exam in Plymouth. Because there were only slots for three poeple at a time, I ended up going the following week. A delighted phonecall from John on their way home let me know that the other guys passed (of course). Which meant the pressure was on me not to let them down, and I was subjected to all sorts of ribbing and banter in my week of suspense. Fortunately I got through, though I have a nagging feeling it was by the skin of my teeth.

The exam rather sneakily inserted a couple of questions about "patterns", which is neither essential to PHP not was it part of our training. So it was, as they say, a curve-ball. We're all a little wiser now, having ploughed our way through the book "Head First Design Patterns". But if you are about to be Zendified, be warned.

Anyway, like a kid with a dentists' sticker, I got my Zend logo.Zend Logo 

PHP, Zend Certification
Date: 2005

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