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The SportsPerform site is a sister to Markland Clinic, run by Kate Markland.

PHP Templates

Markland Clinic

In common with my other recent sites, I have my bespoke PHP template system which is quite flexible and suits these small sites; it lets me get productive as quick as possible. I was sent the graphic design, very simple, though as always the body text came in sundry waves and variations.

Kate wanted a dropdow/flyout menu. I have a slight aversion to Javascript implementations of those, partly based on the old-fashioned idea that some people might have JavaScript turned off. CSS implementaions are quite possible and I think more reliable. We used the excellent ADXmenu and applied a two-level system, with the size tuned to exactly suit the height of the large Flash animation at top.

More recently, Kate derived some excellent download materials: posters and advice booklets for sportspeople and trainers. To bring attention to these, we displayed rounded-corners divs and a nice down-pointing arrow.

Disclaimer: This was a few years ago - the site is now maintained by someone local in the UK.

PHP, Flash
Date: 2007

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