Three PHP Postnuke CMS sites


Three Postnuke PHP/MySQL sites for disparate fields

Unfortunately, client confidentiality prevents publication of details, but there was a good spread of development and maintenance tasks over several years, including:

  • Newsletter modules, templates, customisation
  • Bespoke database modules for contacts and funding sources
  • Amendments to PostCalendar
  • Amendments to phpBB2 and administration of forums
  • User Guides
  • User training
  • Customisation of a Photo-Gallery
  • Custom modules for presenting news and articles
  • Improvements to Search algorithms and display of results
  • Development of RSS feeds, incoming and outgoing
  • Writing and using test scripts
  • Writing bids
  • Google world maps tied to content database
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • W3C compliance

All these were based on Postnuke .723. Very long-in-the-tooth now but was quite a good vehicle for us at the time.

PHP, CSS, MySQL, Googlemaps, Bids, SEO, test QA
Date: 2003-2008

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